Sipster in the running for the ASN Wereldprijs!

Great news! Sipster is in the running for the ASN Wereldprijs! The 'Wereldprijs', an initiative of the ASN Bank in The Netherlands, is a challenging trajectory for starting entrepreneurs. By participating, entrepreneurs have a chance to win support through training, coaching, publicity and a sum of money.

The ASN Wereldprijs, which has been organized since 2008, focuses on three different themes: people & society, nature & environment, climate protection. Through the initiative the ASN Bank contributes to making our society more sustainable.

For many sustainable entrepreneurs, the ASN Wereldprijs has been a very successful support mechanism which brought their start-up to the next level. At Sipster we are very grateful to be in the running for the price!

The top 10 start-ups under each theme will be announced on Friday September 28th.