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Sipster was founded by three Dutch entrepreneurs who believe single-use plastic straws can't be ignored any longer. When we realised that each plastic straw would take 200 years to break down into small pieces of plastic that will pollute our environment forever, we decided that it was time to take action.

In 2017, the Sipster team met a local producer of reusable bamboo straws in the Northern Mountains of Vietnam. Impressed by his skills and product, we had found our first partner. We have worked closely to improve the product quality and developed small bamboo straw packages and a coconut fiber brush to enable consumers to bring their own straw wherever they go. One of our strong values is to ensure that our products have an ecological and social impact. Our bamboo straws are 100% handmade and grown chemical free.

Since the start, Sipster has expanded it's product line with more eco-friendly straws, including straws that compost in your own compost bin to straws that you can actually eat. The platform turned into a place where everyone who wants to break up with the plastic straw can find their perfect alternative.

In the coming years, we aim to contribute to turning 100% eco-friendly straws from niche to norm in Europe and beyond. Sipster aims to live in a world free of plastic straws. Do you?