Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is using plastic straws so bad?
Well, a straw takes only 5 seconds to produce and then you use it for about 5 minutes. Right? But after you've discarded it, it will remain in our environment for at least 200 years. Sounds like a bad deal? That's because it is! After we've enjoyed our delicious drink, the straw will pollute the earth, rivers or oceans for longer than any of us will be around. A lot longer. And even when it finally starts to break down, it does so into tiny little pieces of toxic parts. These parts will be eaten by all that live in the oceans, poisoning or even killing it. And guess what? We will eventually eat those poisoned animals, thereby poisoning ourselves.

But what about plastic recycling?
Yes, plastic can be recycled. However, this is a lot harder than it seems and only a very small part of all plastic is actually being recycled. Some plastic is disposed of by burning it, polluting the air we breathe. Bottom line: Plastic (especially the single-use kind) is bad no matter what and we should avoid using it altogether.

What is the EU ban of plastic straws?
The EU (and even many other countries) are planning on banning single-use plastic items, such as cotton buds and plastic straws. This means single-use plastic items will no longer be available when the ban takes effect, making the people switch to eco-friendly alternatives. However, they will only ban those items for which there is an (affordable) alternative. Good thing we've got that covered.

How is Sipster contributing to the solution?
Actually, it's YOU who is contributing to the solution! Sipster is only providing sustainable straws. The amazing people who actually use Sipster Straws are the ones fighting the problem head on. For every time you use a Sipster Straw, you've chosen to have one less plastic straw polluting our environment. Together, we can make sure plastic straws will never have to be used again.

I bought a set of bamboo straws, but the cleaning tool doesn't fit the staws!
No problem! The size of the cleaning brush can ealily be adjusted by cutting the coconut fiber a little with a scissors to make it the perfect size for your straws.

What payment methods can I choose from?

  • iDeal (via Mollie)
    iDEAL is a method of payment that enables you to pay online through your own bank
  • Credit Card (via Mollie)
    Fast and secure payments using your Credit Card, the most widely used online payment method in the world
  • Pay Later with Invoice (Companies Only)
    Companies with a Sipster-account have the option to order first and pay later with an invoice which they'll receive on their e-mailaddress. The invoice has a deferred payment period of 30 days
  • PayPal
    Pay in seconds with your PayPal online wallet (www.PayPal.com)

  • Bancontact (via Mollie)
    Fast and easy payment method for Belgian customers

  • SOFORT Banking (via Mollie)
    A European-wide payment method with bank transfer

Will I get discount on large orders?
Yes, you will! We try to keep prices low even for smaller quantities, but we're willing to offer discount prices for bulk buyers. Just send us an e-mail if you're planning on ordering big and we'll discuss the possibilities.

I want to be a reseller of Sipster Straws. Is that possible?
Yes, we would love other companies to spread the use of our sustainable straws. Just send us an e-mail on info@Sipster.nl and we'll get back to you to discuss the possibilities.